Below are a variety of meditations for you to freely stream or download, and to keep as long as you would like. The meditations with “MBSR” in the title are designed for participants taking the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, but anyone can benefit. Please know that new meditations will be added to this page on an ongoing basis.

Sitting Meditation #1 - Mindfulness of Breathing (10 minutes)

While sitting in an upright posture, this meditation provides guidance on directing and sustaining awareness to breathing, using it as an anchor or home base to return to every time the mind has wandered…again, again, and again:


Sitting Meditation #2 - Mindfulness of Breath and Body (20 minutes)

This meditation begins by inviting you to focus on your breathing and then to expand your awareness to include the felt sense of your body as a whole as you are sitting:

Sitting Meditation #3 - Open Awareness (20 minutes)

This is a practice of opening to whatever is most predominantly present in the field of awareness. We start with gathering the attention on the breath, and then letting go of any particular object of attention and allowing whatever arises to come and go (sounds, sensations, the feeling of the breath, emotions, thoughts, etc.) with awareness and acceptance from moment to moment:


Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation

This mini-meditation can be practiced sitting or standing.  It is an opportunity to mindfully pause in the middle of a challenging time and open to life as it is.  This meditation will guide you in 3 brief steps - becoming aware of your inner experience, gathering the attention on the breath, and then expanding the awareness: 

MBSR Sitting Meditation (30 minutes)

This meditation is most commonly practiced sitting upright in a comfortable but alert posture (on a straight-back chair or cushion on the floor).  You will be guided in focusing on various objects of attention, such as awareness of breathing, the body as a whole, sensations, sounds, thoughts and feelings, as well as “choiceless awareness”- opening with kindness to whatever comes into the field of awareness:

10 Minute Body Scan

This short body scan be practiced lying down on your back, sitting, or standing.  You will be guided through opening to sensations within the body along with breathing awareness:


MBSR Body Scan (30 minutes)

This first meditation is most commonly practiced lying down on one’s back, but can also be practiced sitting or even standing.  You will be guided by slowly and systematically scanning through the body with openhearted awareness, along with opening to the sensations of breathing:


Walking Meditation

This guided practice is best done in a space in which you can walk back and forth slowly in a straight line - about 15 to 20 feet in length. Walking meditation involves being fully present with the activity of walking, fully experiencing the subtle sensations of movement. This guided practice will help connect the mind and body, and develop the skill to be grounded in the body anytime you walk: